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Wakasazhi™ pants

Wakasazhi pants™ will show its excellence especially in physically demanding challenges like fishing in combination with trekking, boating or even bicycling.

The raised waist and back piece offer protection against draft and moisture, whether you are in a boat, on a backpack stool, or by the lakeside.

Wakasazhi™ unites simplicity and performance to the extreme.

Light and comfortable overtrousers specially made for the choosy outdoor enthusiast.

Design features:

  • 100 % waterproof. Water column 45.000mm
    in accordance with EN ISO 9237.

  • Wakasazhi™ is tested and approved in a rain chamber test.

  • Optimal breathability:

  • Rated “The best” in tests by the Hohenstein Institute.
    Water vapour is absorbed and redirected by 57 billion
    hydrophilic molecular units per cm².

  • Compact membrane - the world’s thinnest!

  • 300 % bi-stretch membrane.
  • Long-term functionality is guaranteed. The membrane
    retains its functionality through life.

  • Completely non-porous. This means the membrane cannot become blocked by dirt, residual washing agents or salt crystals.
  • Dynamic climate control.
  • 100 % windproof.
  • Bluesign® certified Tested quality (only applies membrane).

  • Guaranteed functionality.

  • Easy care.

  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing and disposal.

  • All European - Meaning that we have only placed orders with partners within the European community.

  • Exceptionally light compared to it's competitors.

  • Danish design.

  • Manufactured in the EU. (Poland).

  • PTFE (Teflon®) free.

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100. (Applies for single parts).

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  • Available sizes: XS to XXXL.
  • Available colour: Black/Black.
  • Weight: 680 gram. (size: XL)
  • Price: € 536,00 (Dkk: 3.999,00)
  • Dwnloads: High resolution


Features 6 pockets in total:

1: The upper back is fitted with an outside elasticated pocket.
Keeps your tacklebox in place.

2: Two side pockets are fitted with YKK® AquaGuard
water repellent zippers.

These pockets are box-shaped (only visible from inside)
and hold most tackleboxes even the bigger C&F.

3: Two upper, front pockets (placed horizontal). Fitted with YKK® AquaGuard water repellent zippers.

4: Practically placed inner pocket. A dry storage for your cell phone,
car keys or the like.

The pockets are all designed not to disturb your fishing/movement;
no matter what you put in them, the bulk will mostly appear on the
inside of the pants and not on the outside like traditional box-pocket.

No matter how much water you let in (if you forget to zip the pocket)
the pockets the pants will stay dry.


Wakasazhi is one of the first ecologically degradable* waterproof and breathable pants.

Hydrophilic membrane technology introduced by us.

Not only will you be one of the first to have environmentally friendly
pants you will also be one of the few using a hydrophilic non-porous membrane technology.

Wakasazhi™ is maximum quality and highly sophisticated technology packed into a layer/membrane just five micrometres thick.

The precisely tailored constructions with the non-porous polyether ester structure of the membrane gives Wakasazhi™ its unique characteristics:

  • Optimal breathability
  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% windproof
  • 100% ecologically degradable (only membrane )

Causes no harm to either you or "Mother Nature."

Virtually everything from fabrics to the fittings
are Oeko-tex certified.

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Highly cut waist line which offers protection against draft and water coming in.

Stepless adjustable braces with "security", swivel fastening.
In case the braces get caught the buckles will release automatically.

The waistline can be adjusted with an integrated Cordura® belt. The Belt is practically build in it's own "tunnel"

Soft, hydrofilic transporting lining which also makes the trousers functional without underlying clothing layers.

Articulated knee and seat areas offer excellent comfort while sitting down. Front closing with flaps and watertight YKK® Aquaseal® zipper offers protection against water coming in while sitting down.

The knee, inner leg and seat area are reinforced with CORDURA® and at the same time offers great protection against water penetration from the boat seat etc.

Ounce for ounce, CORDURA® is more durable than other fabrics.

Fabric Technology:
This second to none shell (3 layer) pants is created in collaboration with our valued partner Sympatex®, which has supplied not only the thinnest and most breathable membrane available, they also manage to make it from recyclable polyether.

The membrane of Wakasazhi™ is: Ret 1,5*.

Fabric: Read much more about this membrane

* ecologically degradable refers to technology (membrane)
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