Clothing with a difference

Thermal 2™ trousers - new for 2015

Serves one purpose: Keeping you warm.

  • “Warmth without weight” means that a thinner/lighter layer offers much better insulation than traditional fleece products.
  • High level of breathability.
  • Water repelling treatment.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Unique quality that drives all other fleece products out of the market.
  • Thermal 200™ is the right choice for low temperatures and sedentary activities.
  • Includes a stretchable pocket with zipper.

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Polartec®Classic 200®. 100 % polyester velour construction.

This fabric is world renowned for its ability to uphold its surface and insulation properties-even after much intensive use and washing.

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  • Colour: Rosin green. (Dark green)
  • Sizes: XS-XXXL.
  • Weight: 275 gm. (M):
  • RRP: € 94,-
  • Complimentary product: Shirt


Polartec® has the world’s most advanced structure for double sided fleece, which gives it unprecedented advantageous conditions between insulating property and weight – “Warmth without weight”.

In comparison with other similar fabrics, Thermal200’s™ tendency to pile is minimal.

This means a significantly increased lifespan and a maintaining of the functional qualities.

The products velour construction forms microscopic air pockets that capture body heat. Thanks to the double sided fleece, Thermal 200™ functions as a thermostat. The product breathes and retains heat.

Due to its structure, the fabric will uphold its insulation properties even when completely soaked. Furthermore,
it is dirt repelling and quick-drying.
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Updated Thursday, 07 May 2015 14:39
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