Martin Forbak

Name: Martin Forbak
Age: 34 
Country: Slovakia


What is your favorite fishing?
My heart affair is spin-fishing for brown trout in crystal clear mountain streams and rivers. I primarily spin-fish for trout and predators in general, and I always aim for bigger fish.
I spend alot of time competing in fishing, and I've won multiple championships in Bulgaria, Slovakia and Croatia to name a few.

Which qualities must your fishing clothes have?
In these mountain locations, when the weather is unexpected changing, my fishing clothes must be perfect for comfortable time spent by the river. Along with that, I love fishing in hard weather conditions such as cold water but on very hot sunny days. In these conditions, it's very important to wear comfortable pants as my ZipZone or shorts like Mahi Mahi. Of course, my shirts must have UV-protection and ventilated systems like the Polybrush or Woggi.
My fishing style has a high level of activity, and this gives some requirements and demands on my clothes - just for the counting and trust of Geoff Anderson's wear.