Tsuba3 Jumbo X

669.00 EUR

(incl. VAT)

List price 672.00 EUR (incl. VAT)

Without discernment
  • 100% wind and waterproof
  • Breathable
  • 2 build in pin on reels
  • 2 build in/fixed high stregth magnets
  • YKK® zippers
  • High tensile strength
  • Tapped seams
  • Adjustable waist
  • Water tight pocket design 
  • Automatic magnet closure
  • Inner pocket
  • Spacious back pocket
  • Velcro® attachments for flies and/or tools
  • Hypalon wrist closure with Velcro®
  • Eco-tex certified fittings
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Produced in EU
Tsuba3 Jumbo X

Tsuba3 is maximum quality with precise, tailored features and innovative technology. Simply Advanced.


Tsuba3 is based on everything that we - as manufacturers of highly specialized fishing jackets – have learned over the years. Since the first prototype in 2009, the jacket has undergone intensive tests. We have taken all the valuable data from the first editions and collected in a version 3.


Tsuba3 is so complex that we had to produce it only 45 minutes (by plane) from our office in Copenhagen. We guarantee you second to none quality. And you can be absolutely sure that each jacket has undergone an intensive quality test before leaving the factory.

Welcome to the future fishing jacket!


Tsuba3 include an improved version of our unique pocket design. As examples we have the ”waterproof pocket in a waterproof pocket” as well as the innovative magnet zipper closure.

On the front of the jacket you will find a variety of attachments for securing your accessories. High strength Magnets for mounting tools are fixed so that they do not ”catch each other”.

Integrated elastic cords and magnets that hold the tool close to the jacket while fishing. On the right pocket, tools can be fixed in a Velcro device.


Rotatable hood with cap/shade that follows your head movements. The hood and collar are separated, providing greater comfort when the cap is not being used. 


3-way adjustable:

  1. Inner Hood
  2. Visibility / angle
  3. Shade

Shoulder section and sleeve designed to provide great freedom of movement when spin or fly fishing. The adjustable waist also ensures optimal comfort regardless of fishing situation.


Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, our fabric is made in Scandinavia. Also the technology has no pores / holes that can become clogged, preventing the 
material from breathing. Nor do we have problems related to “pin holes”.

The System Fabric 3 layer is a waterproof, breathable and durable “sandwich fabric” consisting of a liner, a membrane and a face of a high tensile fabric. All welded together. The System Fabric withstands saltwater and machine wash.


Use only suitable soap and only if strictly necessary. A damp cloth can often do wonders. Maintain the water-repellent effect by impregnating the jacket from time to time. The jacket must not be kept moist and should be rinsed in fresh water after use in salt water. If your jacket gets black dots, it is a sign that it is drying too slowly or is kept moist.


Tsuba is a medium length jacket primarily for coastal and river fishing. Many also enjoy the short cut for boat fishing. You choose Tsuba if you want the latest technology and have an attitude towards production ethics.



Tsuba is, thanks to its strong design and material selection, a jacket that will out live most other jackets of the same type. Durability makes the most sense when it comes to limiting climate impact. Individual parts are eco-tex certified.

The jacket has an ultra low carbon footprint, as fabric is produced in Sweden and the jacket is produced in Poland. 



Changes from Tsuba 2 to Tsuba 3:
1. Larger lower back pocket (+ 10 cm)
2. Huge drain in the back pocket, so the water leaves the pocket faster
3. Fixed magnets that cannot catch each other
4. 2 fixed magnets that hold your tool to the jacket
5. Oval Velcro with strap for fixing tools / attachments
6. Improved water repellent effect
7. The tape and the contact material on the jacket are “matched” better, so the binding will never slip
8. 3rd generation of the unique Tsuba fabric
9. New Velcro® wrist closure, they are narrower and stronger
10. Magnets are protected with silicone coating
11. Prepared for Geoff Anderson WizTool - tool specially designed for Tsuba3