Barbarus™ Pants Dark Green

179.00 EUR

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Without discernment

Barbarus™ Pants Dark Green

Barbarus might be “ the new guy in town”, but built on our aging wisdom and insight - a 15 year old Geoff Anderson recipe: Functionality made easy.

Our experience in making waterproof and breathable clothing forms a solid corner stone in Barbarus.

A pair of trousers where quality and environmental issues are in line with our most expensive styles, but where price is almost barbaric low.

If you are into our “old school look” and like something light yet completely waterproof – check out Mr. Barbarus !


  • Spacious thigh pocket with secure watertight closure.
  • Two incline pockets

Barbarus is made from an innovative material providing excellent protection from the elements. A durable and tough polyamid face fabric with superior waterproofing, breathability and heat reflective capabilities.

The fabric allows excess heat and moisture to evaporate without compromising waterproofing, leaving you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Water column : 10.000 mm. (iso0811) – or as we say: Guaranteed waterproof.

100% fluor free DWR = Without harmful microscopic particles known as PFCs.

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