About Geoff Anderson

We are a small but energetic company from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since 1999, we have been thinking out, designing and producing clothes of the brand Geoff Anderson™. 

Our goal is still the same: To cover the current and future needs of anglers and outdoorsmen. 

We have continuously improved, refined and raised the standards of products that bear the name Geoff Anderson™. 

We take pride in producing clothes of simple and functional design, where quality and price go hand in hand. 

We only add relevant functions and use strictly the best fabrics and fittings. 

We only accept a complaint rate of 0,05 per cent. In order to uphold this standard, we have specially trained staff who carefully examine each product before it is authorised for sale. 

In this way, we can ensure a standard of quality that can protect the user against challenging and varying weather conditions.