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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find our FAQ overview with frequently asked questions. The questions are divided into the following categories, click on a category to go to it.

General questions about fishing gear

Who is Geoff Anderson?

​Geoff Anderson is actually not a person. Geoff Anderson is a small, energetic Danish company with it’s roots in sport fishing. The first products came to light in 1998. 
We are proud that our products are produced sustainable and with respect for end users. When we say sustainable, we mean in particular : long life of our products.
Our choice of materials, design and production methods always aims at long-term sustainability.
Vores valg af materialer, design og produktionsmetoder sigter altid efter bæredygtighed på den lange bane.

Why are you more expensive than others?

We do our best to produce durable products, which you can enjoy in many years. Many of our products have a very long life which is in a sharp contrast to other parts of the textile industry - and “buy and throw away community” in general. Good quality costs but poor quality costs more. Our prices are often lower in comparison to other manufacturers.

How can I find my size?

The best you can do to find your size is to measure your clothes and not to measure yourself - sleeve-/ leg length and body measurements must be longer than you think. Take one of your own best fitting clothes and make your measurements directly on your garments. You can find our size guide HERE.

What is Jumbo X?

Jumbo X is our plus-size. Applying Jumbo X we can offer one size, which can be used by almost all persons who are wearing X-size. 
That is why a classic XXXXX system is not used by us and we have measures that after our meaning can be comfortable for most people.

Why am I freezing?

Do not use cotton! The 3 layer principle is a simple and good functioning system, where the combination of various clothing layers ensures the maximal comfort. Cotton is not suitable for anglers, because it does not transport humidity away from your skin like fleece and stays wet. Correctly use of the layers under the outer layer ensures the maximal functioning of the outer layer. You can find more about keeping warm HERE.



How can I pay for my order?

You can pay with: Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Visa/Dankort, eDankort, Mastercard, Maestro, MobilePay Online, PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay and Viabill. An electronic bank transfer is possible.

There are no card fees. The amount will be withdrawn from your account after the sending of your order.

I did not get a confirmation email?

Please send an email to info@geoffanderson.dk and we shall find a mistake immediately.

How can I be sure that my order came through?

Once your order is completed,you'll  receive  an “Order Completed” notification per email. If you`ll not get it, please send an email to info@geoffanderson.dk 

How can I cancel my order?

Send an email to info@geoffanderson.dk please, then we can confirm your order cancellation.



Are you delivering only in Denmark?

No, we are delivering to all EU countries and most countries outside the EU. 

All orders to  Norway, Faroe Islands, Greenland and other countries outside the EU are delivered without Danish VAT. Danish VAT 25 % is withdrawn automatically before the end of purchase.

Can I track  my delivery?

Yes, you´ll get an email with the information concerning your package directly from the shipping company. Often you'll receive the message at the end of the day of shipping.

What are delivery possibilities and what does it cost?

The order placed before 13.00 on working days is dispatched normally at the same day with GLS or DHL. (DHL for export only)
Delivery in Denmark costs DKK 45,- (not applied for B2B).
Free delivery on orders over DKK 1.000,- (only for Denmark and not for B2B)
Costs for delivery abroad can be different depending on the country and shipping company. Delivery to most EU countries costs €19.

How are delivery times?

1-2 days for package delivery in Denmark.
3-5 days for package delivery to most EU countries.



Can I return a product?

Yes, as a consumer you have a 14 day cooling off period, when you are buying our products.
You must pay for return delivery yourself. We are not offering a free return delivery, because we want to minimize our Co2-footstep, that is why we want you to find out your size before ordering (use please our size guide HERE), or you can buy from a physical retailer you can find them HERE. You can call us if you are not sure about the size +45 71 992 982

I opened my product and took it out of the package. Can I return it?

Yes, and you can get a full refund if the product is not used. If the product is used in another way, than it was supposed, then you can get only a part of the purchasing amount. The amount depends on the trade value of products and it can be that you can get only the cost of the return delivery.

We recommend that you return the products in the original packaging. If the original packaging is missing, it may reduce the value of the product.

How can I return a product?

Follow the link here to return your item.

If I find a defect in my product. What can I do?

There are sales law rules that apply,  when you are buying our products as a consumer. You have two-year guarantee. If your defect claim is asserted, then we can repair, replace, give you a full refund or a discount, depending on a specific situation.You must make a claim as soon as possible after you found a defect via email to  info@geoffanderson.dk


Product care

Washing my clothes, how to do it best?

Wool products should be washed only if it is really necessary - they are antibacterial from their nature. It means that they are not absorbing smell, like synthetic materials and cotton.
Waterproof products - dirt, salt and ordinary detergents are affecting  the water repelling effect of the clothes over time. When it happens and breathability and performance are reduced - clothes can appear wet and heavy. Therefore it is important to care for your clothes correctly, so they maintain a water repelling effect.
Read more here.