Clothing with a difference

WS 4™

Here I am !

Enjoy the refreshing new Pigment colors,
saltwater zippers, auto closure pockets -
among 30 other new features!

Design features:

  • Guaranteed 100% waterproof.
  • Breathable.
  • Tough OXFORD™ fabric with pigment print. Works in saltwater.
  • Selfclosing handwarmer pockets.
  • Speciel designed saltwater YKK® zippers.
  • Built-in pin on reel.
  • Waterproof* car key pocket.
  • Waterproof* inner pocket.
  • Spacious waterproof* pocket.
  • Two spacious box pockets with magnetic closing. No Velcro
    to tear the sensitive wet skin..
  • Big bag pocket.
  • New Swivel hood and visor follows the movements of the head. Ideal also for cap and glasses. Now separated from the collar.
  • 2-way hood adjustment.
  • Outlook/angle adjustment
  • Inside hood. Light and easy one-hand adjustment to be inside the jacket and away when not in use.
  • Built-in cuffs Lycra with holes for thumbs.
  • 16 years on the market.
  • Designed in Denmark.

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  • Available colours:
    Black/green (Sort/grøn)
    Grey/black (Grå/sort)
    Green/black (Grøn/sort)
    Leaf/green (Leaf/grøn)
  • Available sizes: S to XXXL.
  • Size chart: go to sizing.
  • Weight: 998 gram. (size: L)
  • Price: € 349,- (Leaf™ € 375,-)
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Pockets: 7 in all.

Two big spacious, expandable box pockets. You can easily operate these pocket with one hand. They feature a magnetic auto closure.

Big back pocket with YKK® saltwater zipper.

Two hand warmer pockets with auto closure.

Waterproof* Horizontal zipper pocket. Equipped with YKK® AquaGuard® water repellent saltwater zipper.

The bulk will only appear on the inside of the jacket, and not on the
outside like traditional jackets.

This pocket does NOT drain water. The zipper are laminated, and
if you remember to close it and avoid diving - it is as close
to waterproof as we can manufacture them.

Waterproof* inner pocket.

*Please make sure that you do not store any electronics unprotected in any of these pockets. Sweat, seawater and condensation will damage them.

*Waterproof pockets: Explained as waterproof against e.g rain, snow and waves. If the pocket gets under the waterline - water will penetrate eventually.

The sleeve design offers a natural freedom for casting movements during fly and spin fishing. The inside of the sleeves are equipped with glide lining.

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Developed for wading fishing.

The jacket is also suitable for boat fishing where the high-waist-cut makes it particularly comfortable.

Can also be viewed as a combination jacket e.g. for canoing, cycling and trekking.
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Strong Oxford Nylon fabric with Eco® treatment. Non toxic.
PFOA free.
This fabric is so strong that it will withstand 1000's of lines strip's.
Body material is made from The System Fabric™- a waterproof, breathable and durable fabric. In addition to rough treatment, The System Fabric™ stands machine washing which is unique for membranes.

The System Fabric™ does not delaminate it keeps on going year after year.

To ensure you get the best benefit from your purchase, we recommend that you:

1. Always clean the jacket in fresh water after use in salt water.

2. Wash off any dirt with a damp cloth.

3. Always hang dry your jacket after use.

4. Impregnate your jacket after wash with a spray product such as Grangers.

If very necessary - WS4™ is machine washable.
Follow these tips when washing:

1. Close all zippers and velcro parts.
2. Never wash inside out.
3. Avoid spin drying.
4. Re-impregnate after washing.

5. Make sure your base layers match your level of activity.

6. Make sure your sub-layers of clothing do not include a membrane as this will result in serious condensation.

If you need any further assistence we are only one click away:

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*Waterproof pockets: Explained as waterproof against e.g rain, snow and waves. If the pocket gets under the waterline - water will penetrate eventually.

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