Clothing with a difference

WS 3™

WS™ -the ground pillar of Geoff Anderson®.
WS3™ will be replaced with Model WS4™ by 10th October 2015

Design features:

  • Built-in pin on reel.
  • Rod holder - your third hand.
  • Waterproof* car key pocket.
  • Waterproof* inner pocket.
  • Spacious waterproof* pocket.
  • Two spacious box pockets with magnetic closing. No Velcro.
  • to tear the sensitive wet skin.
  • Loop for fixing tool.
  • Detachable bag pocket. WS 3™ is supplied with a “one compartment, heavy mesh” bag but options are available.
  • Swivel hood and visor follows the movements of the head. Ideal also for cap and glasses.
  • 2-way hood adjustment.
  • Outlook/angle adjustment
  • Inside hood. Light and easy one-hand adjustment to be inside the jacket and away when not in use.
  • Built-in cuffs Lycra with holes for thumbs.
Please note: Older production runs of WS3™ may have hand warmer pockets. This feature was removed on the latest productions due to an increasing customer demand for a more waterproof pocket composition.

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  • Available sizes: XS to XXXL.
  • Available colours: Lead grey/Gargoyle, Rosin/Gargoyle.
  • Weight: 1090 gram. (size: L)
  • Price: € 295,-
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The sleeve design offers a natural freedom for casting movements during fly and spin fishing. The inside of the sleeves are equipped with glide lining.

One-piece shoulder/elbow part. Reinforced with Dupont® Cordura®. One-piece shoulders mean less stitches and therefore longer durability.
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Developed for wading fishing.

The jacket is also suitable for boat fishing where the high-waist-cut makes it particularly comfortable.

WS 3™ can also be viewed as a combination jacket e.g. for canoing, cycling and trekking.
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Body material is made from The System Fabric™- a waterproof, breathable and durable fabric. In addition to rough treatment, The System Fabric™ stands machine washing which is unique for membranes.

The System Fabric™ does not delaminate it keeps on going year after year.

In the diagram above you can see what to expect from the breathability in comparison to impenetrability to water, insulation and wind protection.

Shoulder and elbow are made in Cordura®.

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*Waterproof pockets: Explained as waterproof against e.g rain, snow and waves. If the pocket gets under the waterline - water will penetrate eventually.

Updated Thursday, 20 Aug 2015 15:36
New improved WS4™ jacket arrives 10th October. We will publish photos by 10th September.