About Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson is a small, energetic Danish company with it’s roots in sport fishing. The first products came to light in 1998.
Geoff Anderson takes great pride in ensuring that the clothing is produced in a sustainable manner and with great respect for the user. With sustainable we mean: A long product-life. Our choice of materials, design and production methods always aims at sustainability on the "long lane".
If possible we work only with non-toxic, eco-certified / tested products. Many of these are either purchased recycled or can be recycled. In fact, as one of the few, we have a recyclable and degradable membrane technology. All our products are free of harmful, free particles in the waterproofing (DWR).
Most of our subcontractors as well as manufacturers are subject to an administration-unit that keeps track of the entire supply chain. Watching that everybody works responsibly. We connect our suppliers and manufacturers in a network to promote a healthy, open and not least responsible final result.
Development is taking place in Europe, so it is quite natural that our supplier network is Scandinavian. It ensures quality and orderly production conditions. In practice, it means that virtually everything from watertight tape to zippers and small buttons is quality controlled from Europe. In addition, several of our manufacturers are European owned in a single case, even Danish.
In our daily lives, we try to reduce the amount of packagings, as well as using recycled boxes for shipment.
Finally, we always try to fix claims locally.
And perhaps most importantly, we are doing our very best to produce durable products that you can enjoy for many years. Many of our products have a very long service life which are in a sharp contrast to other parts of the textile industry.
“Buy-and-throw-away” is so not Geoff Anderson.