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Polybrush has shown its versatility all over the world for civilian as well as professional use. The angler, the expatriate police officer or the elite soldier experience all benefit from the shirt’s unrivalled properties on a daily basis.

Polybrush shirt is perfect for use in high temperatures and high humidity. You sweat a lot under these conditions, especially under  physical activity. As soon as you have a break, your shirt will dry very quickly and you will be comfortable again. 
Perfect for summer months and a good choice for the whole year wearing.
Polybrush  shirt is suitable for travel, hiking, angling and for everyday use.



  • Ventilation opening on the back
  • Two ventilation openings on each side
  • Mesh lining in the upper part around the shoulders
  • Loop for tools
  • Two front pockets one with YKK® zipper
  • Collar can be buttoned
  • Sleeves can be rolled up and secured with a strap



  • Light weight
  • UV protection
  • Highly breathable
  • Sweat transportation
  • Quick drying
  • Iron-free
  • Easy to pack
  • Highly durable
  • Designed in Denmark

As an essential part of the design, Polybrush has a large ventilation opening on the back and two smaller on each side. The combination of these openings and the material’s breathability allows a comfortable air flow. In addition, the shirt is provided with a sweat transporting mesh liner which effectively distributes the moisture, which contributes to a much faster evaporation.
One front pocket includes a YKK® zipper and therefore suitable for safe storage of creditcards, phone or a small tackle box.

Polybrush is high wear resistant and has a long service life. The shirt is easy to pack, lightweight, iron-free and will dry quickly after washing, making it suitable for travel.
It allows rough treatment and will retain its look even after numerous washes and extensive use.
PolyBrush offers high UV-protection (+50). Polybrush is so tightly woven that insects have difficulty biting through it.
The sleeves can be rolled up and secured with a strap.

Polybrush has a ”regular” fit, which ensures good mobility, comfort and, not least, a stylish expression.

100% brushed recyclable polyester. A thin and light weave with a brushed outside effectively absorbs and spreads out the moisture. The moisture will dry quickly as it spreads across the brushed surface.

Despite the light structure, the durability is of the highest quality. This fabric does not change character significantly even after years of use.