Do You want to become our dealer

If you want to become a dealer of Geoff Anderson´s high quality and thoroughly tested products, then you are welcome to contact us at

Possibilities are different from one country to another, but we are always ready to discuss eventual options.

You are welcome to contact us if you are a dealer, a distributor or an agent and are interested in starting a cooperation with one of the European leading brands manufacturers of high quality clothing for angler and sport-angler.

If you are not working in the sport-anglers branch, but are interested in some of the products, then you are also welcome to contact us. We have a broad knowledge selling our products to other open air people. For example ornithologist, cyclist/racing cyclist, hunter, hiker, dog trainer or golfer.

Furthermore we have experience to sell some of our products as working clothing - for people working in the open air and as insulation clothing for people working in cold rooms,