With over 35.000 jackets sold we can promise you something very special!

After 20 years on the market and more than 35.000 jackets sold we can promise you something unique. Historically, we have had a complaint rate of less than 0.5‰
Regardless of the water column pressure, the choice of materials and construction has proven that nothing works better in real life than the the way we have designed Raptor.
It is not without reason that Raptor is named after a predatory dinosaur. A species that developed and perfected its skills, and ended at the top of the food chain as the ultimate hunter.

Similarly, the Raptor jacket’s evolution has resulted in a perfection of its features. A jacket design where waterproofness, strength, and mobility are united in a crispness of simplicity. For this reason, the style has always attracted beginners as well as pro guides.
In addition to you, we have more than 38,000 other anglers around Europe using the jacket. 
Ever since we introduced Raptor, we have had no reason to change the basic design. Over the years, all we have been doing is refining.