Complaint treatment

Complaint treatment 
We are doing our best to produce long living and hard wearing clothing , but it is not to avoid complaints sometimes. 
We are doing all possible to help You as quickly as possible if you have a complaint.

We want to provide the best service for You. It means not only replacing a product but also being sure that our product is used correctly and a “fault” will not come again. That is why we always try to find a reason for a problem.

What can I do if my clothing feels/is not tight?
If You are wet/moist, when it rains, it means that a fault can be not in Your waterproof product, but in something else. For example because Your clothing is worn out. 
It is a good idea to test where the fault can be - in a product or it is caused by using the wrong clothing under.

That is why we recommend a simple test You can do Yourself in a shower at home - it helps to find out where the fault can be.

  1. Take on a grey pullover/trousers
  2. Take Your waterproof clothing on
  3. Enter the shower and open for water
  4. Stay so long under the water until You mean, that it is like a very heavy rain
  5. Step out from the shower and take Your waterproof clothing off 
  6. If the water could go through Your waterproof clothing, than You can clearly see it on the grey clothing
  7. If water could come through, You must contact the seller

Can I impregnate a leaky jacket/trousers?
When a membrane is leaky, then it can not be repaired again.
You can impregnate clothing on the outer side, so that water will repel, but it is only enough for some trips - and it will be an expensive solution.

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