Flexfit Delta Green

49.95 EUR

(incl. VAT)

Lighter. Sleeker. Smarter - Innovative mechanism and progressive features makes this our top model.
The Delta style has it all. Delta is lighter, Sleeker, cleaner, stronger and dries quickly. 
Superiour comfort due to the seamless finish. 
Anti bacterial and heat regulating bond tape. A truly innovative sweatband absorbs moisture more effectively and guards against stains, using cutting-edge technology 
to develop a fresh look and feel as your wear the cap.
Delta maintains its moisture-free status with the patented Stain-Block technology and the 3-layer sweatband while offering a luxurious yet sleek appearance with the seamless bonding finish, pleasing even the most active fisherman.
3D Geoff Anderson embroidery

92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

S/M - Inner circumference: 53 cm
L/XL - Inner circumference: 55 cm

Green, grey

Lightweight Fabric
Lighter fabric, visor, and bonded panels all contribute to reducing the weight of the cap for easy wear.

Stain-Block Tech
This revolutionary technology diffuses sweat throughout the undervisor for quicker evaporation, preventing any unwanted stains.

3-Layer Sweatband
The multi-layer sweatband effectively absorbs sweat and works to keep you dry and comfortable at all times.

Flexfit® Bond taping
A technology that does more than holding the cap together, Flexfit® bond taping is designed to regulate temperature and eliminate odors Seamless Technology
The panels are fused together without the help of stitches, creating a modern yet luxurious exterior.