Urus6 Black

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Without discernment
  • Exclusive Leaf™ print
  • Reinforced knee and behind
  • 100% waterproof
  • Breathble
  • Expandable box pockets
  • Elastic braces
  • Light micro fleece lining
  • Elasticated waist
  • Hand pockets with YKK® zippers.
Urus6 Black
  • Size: S

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    299.00 EUR

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  • Size: M

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  • Size: L

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  • Size: XL

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  • Size: XXL

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  • Size: XXXL

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We are celebrating Dozer and Urus’s 20th birthday by introducing the king of all versions - Version 6.


You will find that everything is as it has always been -perfectly balanced materials and a design for demanding situations whether you catch your fish from the bank or in a boat.


The design maintains the practical and higly functional pockets that have characterized the Dozer Jacket and Urus pants right from the beginning.


Iconic and classic look including exposed chest pockets. A sharp and distinct design that celebrates simplicity without letting out as much as a single function.



Our mission with version 6 is to manufacture the ”greenest” yet strongest version that will do more and last longer. 


This means that among several improvements along the making we have developed on the fabric so that the lifetime and the water-repellent effect / waterproofness are dramatically improved. 

Detailed tailor features and methods have been added, which also contribute to higher wear resistance and prolonged service life. 


20 years of Dozer/Urus-evolution has taught us a great deal. Our ongoing challenge and goal is to deliver the same quality - with a holistic and realistic perspective on the environmental footprint we leave behind.


We believe that a long product life is the best we can do for the environment - everything else is green washing.


Version 6 represents solid experience in what you demand as an outdoor entusiast working you way to the fish of your dreams.


100% waterproof and breathable fabric ensures you a dry and comfortable feeling even in the heaviest rain and wind. Dozer and Urus 6 does not even fear salt water. Total saltwater resistant design which includes the latest generation of YKK® AquaGuard® zippers


Urus 6:

High cut waist which covers your back. Included adjustable braces. Waist will adjust exactly to your size thanks to a combination of elastication and velcro.


Well designed and spacious knee and button areas specially protected from cold give you excellent comfort especially when seated or kneeling. 


Front locking with waterproof YKK zipper. 


A light liner make sure you benefit from  that extra comfort during high activity.


Legs have extra long waterproof zippers and a new designed locking system around your boots. Easy to get in and out.



- Two water resistant incline pockets.

- Two spacious thigh pockets. One with an additional pocket for eg. tools.


How to find your measurements

The best you can do is to take one of your own well fitting pants, jackets, shirts or the like and make your measurements directly on the garments. In this way it is easier and more precise than doing the measurement on your body.

a = Neck (shirts)

b = Chest

c = Waist

d = Hip

e = Inseam

f = Center back

g = Sleeve


Waist 80-94 86-100 92-106 98-112 104-118 110-124 141-155
Hip 102 110 118 126 134 142 170
Inseam 79 80 81 82 83 84 85