Swedish brackish water pike

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Swedish brackish water pike

We have heard the following from Martin Christensen and Henrik Bay after a trip to the Swedish south coast fishing pikes one weekend.

Usually you think about fishing at the Swedish south coast in connection with sea trout, but there are many other species under the water surface there,  when you are fishing. One of them is pike, which was catched in big sizes and amounts in the past. 

Now Swedish brackish water pikes are coming up again and many actions have been done to improve their living conditions. That is why me and my friends came to the Swedish south coast last weekend to find out how many pikes are there at this time.  We were not disappointed, but we should do our best to catch some pikes.

For example one of my friends saw 19 pikes following his different artificial baits up to the land without he could catch one of them. The most part of the weekend was the same. There were pikes, but we could not catch them with artificial baits in clear water and very still weather conditions.

But it was very different by using big flash flies. We could catch 20 pikes up to 90 cm in the weekend.15 of them were catched with big flash flies, the rest with pig shad and real eel, told us Henrik at last.

On the trip, Martin Christensen also tested the new WS7 wading jacket, and it fully lived up to his expectations.

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