Environmentally friendly and allergy-friendly products

Our waterproof products are manufactured with two different technologies:
1. Hydrophilic technology (molycular)
2. Hydrophobic technology (Porous)

1. Hydrophilic:
Our hydrophilic technology is:

A. Ultra thin
B. Stretchable,
C. Extremely breathable
D. Recyclable 
E. Non toxic
F. Bio degradable

A. Properly the market's thinnest with a thickness of just 5micron (in comparison, a human hair is 50 microns thick)

B. Stretchable up to 300%. Sounds like a natural thing, but the fact is that it is actually quite unique. Extensibility extends the life of the membrane considerably.

C. Breathability can be measured differently. We have chosen the “human skin model”, which is the one closest to “real life”. Following this standard we have achieved the result: Best achievable breathability. (Hochenstein Institute)

D, E, F. Our membrane is non-toxic and recyclable. A groundbreaking invention, as membranes usually pose a huge health risk.

On the surface material we apply a Bionic® finishing treatment, which is PFC free. (free of PFOA, PTFE commonly known as eg.Teflon)
It is not a legal requirement in the EU, but for us an entirely natural choice.
Our technology has been awarded bluesign® and Oeko-Tex® certificate, which is another guarantee for the benefit of the environment and you.
Hydrophilic / ECO technology can be found in our most expensive jackets like the Tsuba, Wakasazhi and Xanado.

2) Hydrophobic Technology
Is the most common technology throughout our collection. The technology is based on rejecting water drops, but allowing vapor to pass (waterproof and breathable). Our version differs from most others by merging the liquid membrane with an outer material, for example, of recyclable polyester. The two become the same material in the fusion process. This makes the product ultra durable / strong in terms of wear and tear as well as years of use.
This technology contains recyclable materials for some of our products. This technology includes PU (polyurethane), which in itself is not harmful, but the process of producing PU may have environmental problems. We have minimized this problem by using only producers who have transparent production and of course recognized environmental certifications.

On the shell fabric, we apply a “C6 Eco® Bionic® treatment" that is free of PFOA. There is no legal requirement to use this non toxic finish.  We introduced this non toxic treatment in 2009. 


The above technologi is found in e.g. our WS5, Raptor5 and Zoon pants.

Whatever Geoff Anderson product you buy:

  • The vast majority of fittings including zippers and buttons are eco-tex certified and free of toxic and known allergenic substances
  • Fabrics are eco-tex certified in the same clarification as baby clothes
  • We endeavor to buy locally and use collaborators from either Denmark or Scandinavia. In some cases, we even produce within the EU, with local suppliers.
  • We do our very best to ensure that collaborators implement social responsibility. We usually avoid subcontractors as we appreciate having an “in-depth knowledge" of our suppliers.