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Organic Tee is a classic basic t-shirt in organic cotton. High quality t-shirt, very durable, comfortable, good looking after continuous use.
Strong quality prevents losing shape  after washing. Also after frequent washing. 
Organic Tee is a little longer than a standard  t-shirt.
100% cotton

NB: We do not recommend using cotton under technical fishing clothing (midlayer and waterproof products). We recommend using merino wool t-shirts/underwear.

About organic cotton
Cotton growing is responsible for 15% of  pesticides used worldwide - many chemicals  end up in the environment. 
People working in contact with conventional cotton growing are exposed to the impact of health dangerous chemicals.
Organic growth means manual/insect weed control. Organic growth spares many million liters of chemicals ending up  in the environment.
Organic production is less harmless for our environment, water quality and atmosphere than conventional production. 
There is less water consumption by organic cotton production than by conventional production.
So why choose something else?
We do not.